Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trainer may be jailed after letting Dogs and Rabbits starve

GREYHOUND trainer and farmer Douglas Heard could be banned from keeping animals or jailed after admitting three counts of causing unnecessary suffering.

Exeter magistrates were told that Heard, 62, had allowed a lurcher puppy to become so emaciated it was near death, had allowed an aggressive ex-police dog to live in filthy conditions, and was keeping six wild rabbits in a tiny cage with no access to food.

The animals were discovered after Heard’s farm was raided by police and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on November 8 last year.
John Wyatt, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said they were trying to find evidence of the use of unlicensed drugs.

Police contacted the RSPCA after becoming concerned about the welfare of some of the animals they had seen.

Mr Wyatt said: “There were around 40 greyhounds at the farm in kennels but they were in good condition and officers had no concerns about them.

“An RSPCA officer did however find a young lurcher cross which was very subdued and nervous.

“A vet examined her and described her as skeletal with little muscle tissue. It had a severe illness and would have been suffering with it for two weeks. The vet said it had suffered from neglect which was almost terminal.

“The ex-police dog, Bear, was not approachable as it was so aggressive, but it was observed to be in a kennel and using bedding that was covered in dog waste.

“When interviewed, Heard said he had been out rabbiting the night before. He said he wanted to release the six rabbits on to his land to repopulate it after myxomatosis but he had been unable to do so because of the raid.

“However, a police officer at the scene said her view was they were going to be used as bait for the greyhounds because of where there were being kept.”

Heard said: “You probably think I was going to use the rabbits for the greyhounds but if I was doing that I would be struck off by the greyhound board.” One of the rabbits had died and Heard said this may have been due to feral cats.”

Mr Wyatt also gave evidence that Heard had injected the lurcher, Gracie, which has survived and been rehomed, with medication intended for pigs which he had “got from a mate in Ireland” and was unlicensed for dogs.

Clive Rees, defending, said Heard, of Pixies Laughter Cottages, Shillingford, had an excellent record.

He said: “He trains and races greyhounds for pleasure and they do not form part of the farm’s accounts.”
He receives regular inspections and there have been no concerns. To suggest that the greyhounds needed bait is wrong and they were going to be released.

“The lurcher had not displayed any signs of illness until two days before the raid when my client administered the medicine which he has found to be effective in the past.

“Only my client can look after Bear as he is a one-man dog. He came to my client, who feeds him and clears his kennel every day, after he bit somebody as a police dog and the police trusted him with Bear’s care. The dog may have got himself into more of a mess because of the excitement caused by Defra and the police.”

He added: “My client is extremely upset at having to plead guilty and accepted he made miscalculations. It brings personal shame because of the circles he moves in.

“He also has to care for his wife and I ask the court to consider that.”

The RSPCA has asked the court to consider banning Heard from keeping animals or certain types of animals. The case was adjourned until March 16 for sentencing and magistrates said that all options will be considered including custody.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Real Dog

I've spent four years in a race
my ancestral print called me to chase
but my true calling was impeded
cash flow matched how I was treated
loss of capital, turn away now I'm grown
no need to run, I now have a home

My Grey is a Nut

Is your Grey a nut like Derby?  My Grey is KooKoo! Derby's favorite place in the house is the sunroom.  He is our neighborhood busy-body.  If he could talk, he would tell you, "That girl is headed for trouble. You mark my word."  When ever he hears voices outside or a car drive by, he jumps from a sleep, and dashes to the window to see who it is, and watch what they're doing.  

For some particular reason, there's a very-tall-for-his-age kid who lives up the street he doesn't care for.  We have no idea why.  I say that because this kid hasn't said two words to Derby, but Derby acts completely different when he sees this 6 ft. kid, than when he sees anyone else.  Derby seldom barks, but after one of our daily walks, we were talking to a neighbor on our corner when all of a sudden, Derby starts a 'Hey You!' bark.  We all stopped talking to look at who he was barking at, only to see this kid quietly walking up the street, minding his own business.  It wasn't a nervous, scared, or angry bark.  It was just a plain ole' bark, with his tail down, and a relaxed body.  Derby was just making noise.  All of this is a contradiction in sound and body language, but is communicated, "WTH is your issue?!"  The kid looked up at Derby and gave a look that said, "Who pissed in your Blue Buffalo this morning?"

I felt kind of stupid, especially after telling my neighbor all about Derby's sweet nature.  I'm standing next to Linda Blair, who quickly went from a quiet, patient, calm greyhound, to the neighborhood barker in need of an exorcist.  Even when Derby spots this kid from the sunroom window, he sets off on a session of barking until the kid is no longer in sight.  

But, what is stranger is Derby's habit of opening the sunroom door when one of us is in the sunroom and the other is in the house. If Tony is in the house, and I'm in the sunroom, Derby will open the sunroom door and sit at the door where he can watch us both.  Even if he can't see the other in the house, usually because I'm upstairs, or in the basement, Derby will still open the sunroom door, and sit at the door opening until I return. 

On some days when we are all sitting in the sunroom, Derby will wake up, get up from the floor, and open the door just to stand in the doorway as if in a trance, or hearing voices.  After standing like that for a few minutes, he will eventually return, nest his pillow for half a minute, and go back to sleep.  This action is repeated a few times during one of his nap periods.  Of course there are some instances where he will just get up to go sleep in his cage in the house.  

I just need to train him to close the door once he is done. 


Note left at dog’s grave tips off police

Given the conflicting and changing accounts of a dog’s owner and his girlfriend, what killed Raider was a mystery — until police received a note left at the dog’s grave.
The couple had brought the mixed breed dog to an emergency veterinary clinic, where they initially explained Raider had fallen from their second floor balcony. But upon learning the dog was dead, the boyfriend said his girlfriend had thrown the dog off the balcony.
Police in Fishers, Indiana, meanwhile, investigating a complaint they’d received about a dispute at the residence, said they got similar conflicting reports when interviewing the boyfriend.
Detectives talked to neighbors, friends, and the veterinarian that tried to save the dog, but it was a note found later at the dog’s grave that led them to arrest the girlfriend, 28-year-old Sarah E. Rust, on animal cruelty charges last Friday. She was taken to the Hamilton County Jail.
In an interesting twist, police said they received the letter from the dog owner’s ex-girlfriend, and part owner of the dog, who found it at Raider’s grave.
Investigators say the letter was written by Rust:
“Dear Raider, First and foremost forgive me, but also forgive me and your daddy for fighting. We brought your life into our quarrel. You did not deserve to be any part of our combat. I ended your life, for which I am truly sorry my son.”

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just when you think they've tried everything

Greyhound trainers all over the world have come up with many despicable, and cruel strategems when preparing their dogs for races. But, just when you thought you have heard it all, U.K. Hartlepool Magistrates' Court officials heard Anthony Fowler, 61, way of affecting the odds in an all-time new low.

The 61 year old gave his dog, Jake, cannabis when he wanted him to lose. If a dog loses, odds in subsequent races tend to be more favorable.

When the odds were better and Fowler wanted Jake to win,  he would feed him Viagra or a testosterone-based drug – then watch him ‘run his head off’.

John Ellwood, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said police interviewed Fowler last September after receiving reports he was involved in selling cannabis.

Mr Ellwood said: ‘He admitted in an interview that he fed his greyhounds cannabis when he wanted them to lose races. He did so by boiling the cannabis.

‘When he wanted the dog to win the race he injected it with a drug which turns out to be nandrolone, which is a testosterone derivative.

‘He explained that the nandrolone and travel sickness pills, would affect the way the dogs would run. He showed the officer Viagra tablets which according to him make them “run their heads off”.’

Fowler was interviewed by an RSPCA inspector at a later date but by this time Jake was dead. Speaking after the death of his dog Fowler said: ‘I would not care but he won some races, he was good.’ Fowler said the dog had injured its shoulder at a race meeting and a vet said fixing the shoulder would be costly.

Mr Ellwood told the court that cannabis could cause convulsions and hallucinations in dogs whilst Viagra could cause inflammation of the blood vessels.

Fowler initially denied two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to a dog and two counts of administering drugs to a dog knowing it to be poisonous or injurious. But he eventually changed his plea to guilty.

Fowler had another greyhound, named Sally, who is now in the care of  the RSPCA. After the case Trudy Baker, founder of the greyhound protection group, Greyt Exploitations, said: ‘The industry is self-regulating and it’s just not done properly.’

RSPCA Inspector Lucy Hoehne said: ‘It’s a very serious offense. We hope the sentence represents how serious this is.’

Florida Panhandle greyhound deaths

EBRO, Florida -- The number of dogs found dead at a Panhandle greyhound race track has risen to 37, and some were found with duct tape around their necks, according to arrest reports filed at the Washington County Courthouse.
At least 20 dogs were initially reported dead in the kennel at the Ebro Greyhound Park last week. The dogs' trainer, Ronald Williams, 47, was sentenced by Circuit Judge Christopher Patterson to what amounts to six years in prison for felony cruelty to animals.
Sheriff's deputy Steve Russ initially could not enter the kennel because the stench was overwhelming, he wrote in one of the reports.
Russ and an official with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation were examining the kennel. During their investigation, Williams arrived in a blue GMC truck, Russ wrote.
Williams told them that the dogs were all fine when he had checked on them two days earlier, and he added that he believed the kennel's air conditioner had broken and caused the animals' deaths, according to Russ' report.
Williams also said he split his time between Ebro and a kennel he owned in Mobile, Ala., Russ wrote.
When an officer with a breathing device walked through the kennel, dead dogs were found in cages and plastic bags and five dogs were still alive, according to the reports.
Three of the living dogs had duct tape wrapped around their necks.
"The tape was tight enough the dogs could barely breathe," Russ wrote.
Some of the dead dogs also had tape wrapped around their necks, according to another report written by Sgt. Wade Boan.
Necropsies are planned to determine what killed the 37 dogs found dead in the kennel, said Chief Assistant State Attorney Greg Wilson.
The investigation at the Ebro park began after a local greyhound adoption group alerted authorities that Williams had brought in eight underweight dogs on Oct. 25. 
The red flag on Williams and his dogs went up on Monday when he delivered eight dogs to Greyhound Pets of Americas Emerald Coast chapter, GPAEC board member Roger Spencer said. The group had been advised Williams would be bringing 10 dogs and combined with the thin condition of the eight, they notified their national chapter and the National Greyhound Association on Tuesday and Wednesday and then the Pari-mutuel Wagering Department on Thursday.

The situation is perplexing because the dogs were not abandoned, according to Mark Hess, assistant general manager of the Ebro Greyhound park. Williams continued to come to the track daily, said Hess, and turn out two dogs, telling other trainers he only had those two animals left.

Hess and Spencer expressed frustration because this did not have to happen. Both stated that trainers have been repeatedly told they will take any animals they are not able to move to other tracks or adopt out themselves. GPAEC also makes food available for trainers who are in need.
Patterson sentenced him to five years in prison on each count, the maximum penalty, but ran the terms concurrently so Williams will serve them all at the same time. There was no probation to follow, but Williams’ license to train dogs has been revoked.
More about this story can be found here:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

No longer running

A very touching video. Listen to the words to the song, as you watch the video.  It's very sweet.  My eyes teared up listening to it.  

Friday, February 10, 2012

How NOT to greet a dog.

People are prone to #1 - 5.  Kids are notorious for #6.  I don't feel comfortable with any of them.  
But when you tell them the appropriate way to greet Derby, they feel fear, and show it.  That isn't good either.  Derby gets pretty excited when he meets someone new, especially when they are dog people.  To individuals unfamiliar with greyhounds, they look vicious, even with a wagging tail.  And, heaven forbid, Derby should smile that smile only greyhounds can do, and they are freaking out.  They don't believe me when I tell them he is actually smiling.  Finally, his happy sound, sounds more like a growl.  So to rule down on a huge dog giving up too much loving, I ask people to come in, no eye contact, don't greet him, and let him come to them.  Usually, they will see a calm sweetie, who will lean against their legs, which is his way of saying, scratch me behind the ears.  

Legalized business of abuse

The story reads, "Is Michael Vick a Changed Man?"  They protested outside of the court room during his trial, angry over the abuse of pit bulls used for fighting.  They even wrote in their article, "Michael Vick may deserve to walk free, but he doesn't deserve to be a football star or a hero to children, and no group has any business helping him do so."

But where are the organized, publicized marches outside the gates of kennel clubs or dog tracks in violation of greyhound abuse?  What is the difference between Michael Vick, and the dog track owners?  Why aren't they pressuring legislative leaders to to put a stop to such abuse.  

Those of us who have adopted these gentle canines know first hand of the damage done.  Some dogs rebound remarkably, while others never recover a all.  When organizations like the Southeastern Greyhound Adoption Association out of Georgia, travel to Florida to rescue greyhounds, they are in such bad condition, that would land a ordinary citizen in court for animal abuse.  When they don't have enough money to feed the dogs, the dogs don't eat.  They don't receive proper veterinarian care when they are sick, and they are given illegal substances to boost their performance on the track.  

At the end of the season, the kill these poor creatures
The tracks in an effort to make more money have paid lobbyist to get legislatures to pass laws favoring gambling. Even if your state has banned Greyhound racing it is likely that it has breeding kennels for supplying dogs to other state.  When they don't make money, they don't eat, and are sent to another state, where they are paid to be executed.  Many die on the way after being improperly crammed in a truck without heating or air.  Also, many are in such poor condition, to hide what goes one, they don't make it to a rescue organization, but they make it to a dumpster.  
The other photos were worse than these. I find it hard to believe that
 could do this to these beautiful dogs
This is the cruel and awful truth behind dog racing.  I spent some time reading the responses, and criticisms of Grey2K on YouTube, asking people to stand-up and protest Skecher's Super Bowl commercial glamorizing greyhound racing.  I wall appalled by the ignorance of people, who are really ignorant of the treatment of dogs at dog tracks.

The ad was actually filmed in Tucson, AZ, at a dog track know to be sited on numerous occasions for animal abuse.  When asked to visit the conditions at the track, Grey2K, the media, investigators and at times, inspectors are denied entrance and turned away.   

So, where is PETA? Are they seeing the abuse being done to these beautiful dogs, or are they just concerned with what gives them notoriety, and women wearing furs?  

Sketcher attempted to give away free shoes to cars driving by,
but lost nerve due to support for Skecher boycott supporters. 
The above photos were found at here.  I had a terrible time with the pictures, and the story it told. I can't understand why our legislative leaders are half-stepping. These pictures don't lie, they are terrible, but who will speak for them. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

In your dreams.....

I showed Derby this picture, he growled, and gave me a look that said, "Don't even think about it!"

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A very special thanks to Declan's Dogs Blog for updating Derby's National Greyhound Database photos with current pictures.  I'm smiling just like Derby. (minus the canine teeth of course) It looks so Pawsome!!

Click here to see Declan's Dogs Blog

Derby says 'Thanks', too!

Derby's racing name was Up and Over

Nice work!
Woof Out!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Don't you wish you slept this well?

. . . . . I AM SO JEALOUS

Are Greyhound Bloggers Different?

I’ve been slowly updating my blog roll since shifting over to a self hosted Word Press Blog. It’s not finished yet but I will eventually have all the blogs I follow in one place, yay. I’m amazed at how many Greyhound blogs I’ve found and am following. I just counted 43 and that’s not the lot. I can think of at least 2 more that I know for sure I have to track down in Google Reader and put on the list. What I’m wondering is, are people with other breeds of dogs such prolific bloggers? I follow a lot of non-Greyhound blogs too because I enjoy them but those with other breeds don’t seem to have 43 blogs of their breeds in their blog roll that they follow. Have you noticed that we are different? I’d say the only other breed whose owners blog to the extent of Greyhound owners are people with Pit Bulls. What do you think? I find other bloggers blog rolls fascinating. Last night I was wandering around various blogs and came across one in a blog roll called Frugal Kiwi which immediately piqued my interest. I checked the blog out and ended up making my own liquid laundry detergent tonight, lol! Guess who is going to be washing doggie duvets tomorrow seeing as I’ve done all my washing! And that’s another blog added to my ever expanding blog roll. Ok, enough of the writing, we’d better have some photos. I took these a couple of days ago and today we couldn’t get anywhere near this area, it was all under water. While we didn’t have much rain here last night there must have been heaps up country.

This is Frankie

This is Beryl

They live in a small town in the lower halff of the North Island of New Zealand called Feilding. 

From the Blog - 

Woof Out!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Who's Driving?: Worldless Wednesday

Who's Driving?: Worldless Wednesday: Yes, yes. Lots of changes and excitement. Mm hm.

Southeaster Greyhound Adoption Association "Meet & Greet"

We had a great time Sunday (January 29) at the Southeastern Greyhound Adoption Association Meet & Greet. We collected over $3000 to help maintain rescued greyhounds from race tracks, and to aid in rescuing even more. It was great fun, and before we left the parking lot to head home later, Derby was fast asleep. But, he was a champ, as was the other retired racers that were there.

More information about the Southeastern Greyhound Adoption Association and upcoming Meet & Greets can be found at SEGA website.

WOOF Out!!