Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The top five animals you can still race in Colorado, one isn't greyhounds anylonger

Governor John Hickenlooper signed a bill Monday that officially bans greyhound racing in Colorado. At one time, greyhound racing was a $250 million enterprise here, as fans thrilled to the cry of "Here comes Rusty!" as the dogs took off after a fake bunny. But the sport hasn't actually been practiced here for six years; it's viewed by many as inhumane and has been blamed for creating a glut of injury-riddled or difficult-to-care-for dogs who need homes once their careers are over.

Fortunately, there are plenty of animals you can race.

Greyhound racing has been banned in more than forty states besides Colorado. So this bill seems like a smart move, but it also leaves a hole in the gaming industry here, since there is only one operational horse track in Colorado -- Arapahoe Park -- as well as some rodeo-related horse-race events.

There are a number of other animal-racing options around the state, though. Here are five suggestions for where you can go to get in on the action -- but not necessarily any monetary action.
  1. Llama Racing
  2. Rubber Duckie Racing
  3. Pig Racing
  4. Burro Racing
  5. Wiener Racing
BUT, as far as we know, betting isn't allowed at any of these events.

Now is the time to celebrate. But before you do, please click here take our poll on Grey2K.com and let them know which racing state you would like to see prohibit dog racing next. There are seven states with operational dog tracks and four more where dog racing has been suspended but is still legal. Which state should they focus on now?

We've come so far, but we a little ways to go!!

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